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FRP Swimming Pools are Readymade Swimming Pools made up of fiberglass. These are made in the factory and are transported at your site in a single piece. These Fiberglass Swimming Pools are much better as compared to the conventional concrete pools in terms of durability and water proofing.

The best quality Fiberglass Raw material is used and ample wooden support is provided to the pool to ensure the best quality FRP Pools in India. Utmost care is taken towards providing a nice finishing to the Pool’s Surface.

Once transported to the site, it takes only 2-4 days for the installation of the Pool. These Prefabricated Swimming Pools can be fitted on terrace , backyard , basement etc.

These Fiberglass Swimming Pools can be fitted with various products like Filtration System , Lighting system, Disinfection System , Counter current system etc.

Keeping in mind the added advantages and zero drawbacks, Fiberglass Swimming Pools are becoming the number one choice for Pool Owners and Pool buildersv

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  • Length – 10 Feet-30 Feet
  • Breadth – 10 Feet
  • Depth- 2.5-4.5 Feet

Color- Blue or as per choice

Installation - fitted IN-Ground, Semi-In ground or Above ground


  • Prefabricated Pool and Quick Installation
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • 100% Repairable
  • Strong and Heavy Duty design
  • One Piece pool with Beautiful Finishing
  • Best Raw Materials used
  • Comes with state of the art Filtration system
  • Best choice for Residential Pools.
  • Kids Pool Available with 2.5 Feet Depth
Size              Price 
10x10x4.5 176000
10x15x4.5 233750
10x20x4.5 291500
10x25x4.5 349250
10x30x4.5 407000

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